930 Cold Air Intake System for Porsche 911 Turbo



    * All 911 Turbo/930/C2 Turbo 965 Vehicles 1976-1994

    * POWER that you can definitely feel and hear. Dramatically cleans up and simplifies your 930’s engine compartment. Much easier to work with engine, save $100's in labor during routine maintenance. No steel Air box- No heat sink to absorb heat and heat up intake.

    * Saves maintenance time, and weighs much less, for better handling and cooler engine temperatures.

    * Developed and sold exclusively by Fabspeed Motorsports. Manufactured under license by BMC Italy. More Cold air flow, and more power.

    * High velocity air flow supports up to 550 HP.

    * The very best high performance air intake systems for all 911 Turbo 930 cars. 1978-1994. Fits C 2 Turbo cars too.

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