C2/4 Turbo Light Weight Style Body Kit for Porsche 911


Kit includes: Front Bumper, Front Flares, Rear Flares with or without "S" Ducts, Rear Bumper, Front Bumper Air Ducts, Rocker Panels and Rear Wing.

The C2/4 Lightweight kit was a rare production car of small limited quantities. It was made solely for the U.S. and Canadian markets as the RS America model.
This RS model was designed for the enthusiastic sport of racing. Even fewer were the C2/4 Turbo Light Weights. This even more rare car shared the same light weight properties, such as the removal of the air conditioning, rear seats, power sunroof, sound proofing insulation and power steering. The heavy door panels were substituted by the simplified RS door panels, door pulls and pull strap for the latch mechanism (*see illustration of the RS America door panel below.) The difference of this extremely rare car is the added weight reduction using airducts rather than fog lamps, turbo charged 3.6 Ltr. engine and vented rear turbo quarters for the intercooler. Only a hand full of people in the world have the priveledge to ever own this rare automobile. But now, you can get that exclusive feeling those hand full share with a Better Bodies upgrade kit. The Better Bodies Motorsport C2/4 Light Weight kit is an inexpensive upgrade that will enhance the look and performance of your car as well as added resale value using the highest quality hand reproduction parts in the industry.

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