Shaved Door Panel Kit for Porsche 911


This is the ultimate shaved door kit!

Look at the extras you get here but NOT from other vendors:

- Autoloc Brand STAINLESS STEEL adjustable 60-lb door poppers

- CUSTOM Shaved Door Remote Control Fob

- Tech Support (Priceless!!!)

Solenoids feature compact designs and durable steel construction. This makes them the ultimate solenoids for any shaved door handle application.

Most shaved door handle kits on the market are sold with remote receivers designed for a remote trunk release, not shaved door handles. This means you'll have to push the button twice or hold it down for more than three seconds. This kit comes with a computer receiver SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR SHAVED DOOR KITS meaning prompt activation that ensures that your doors will open without delay.

The self-grounding bracket that comes with kit allows for single wire hookup and makes for a very straight forward installation.

Each kit also includes a pair of long range five channel remotes and computerized receiver with a range of over 300 feet.

Button 1 pops the drivers door and button 2 pops the passenger door. while the third button comes set up for automatic window roll-down. If you don't have power windows the third and forth buttons produces a constant negative output that can be used to operate power trunks, sunroofs, remote starts, alarms and more. With 5 channels controlling your doors and three other power accessories, you'll be in complete control from the palm of your hand.

Each kit also includes wiring, all mounting hardware, cable guides, aluminum crimps, heavy-duty backup button, and detailed instructions.


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