Visible Brake Bleeder Tool for Porsche 911


Brand new visible one man hydraulic system bleeder for your Porsche.

This extremely handy tool makes hydraulic brake bleeding a simple one man job. The bottom end of the hose houses a specially designed aluminum check valve. The one way bearing driven valve prevents purged air from re-entering the hydraulic system during the entire bleeding process. The clear hose enables you to easily see when all air is removed.

Just place the rubber hose end over the bleeder nipple, place the check valve end into an empty fluid catch container, open the bleed screw, pump the brake pedal. When air bubbles are no longer visible inside the clear hose, you are finished!

Comes with easy to follow instructions and a reducer adapter to fit over small bleeder nipples. It is very simple to use and will quickly become one of your most useful and favorite tools.  Get it now at Porsche Wheel!

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