964 Single Outlet Maxflo Exhaust



    * All 964 C2/C4/RS America products 1989-1994
    * +12HP & more torque. Much better throttle response.
    * High quality T304SS, heaviest duty on the market
    * Single or Dual outlet all in 1 revolutionary innovative system!!! System comes with a muffler outlet block-off cap so you can run with a single outlet or you can convert to Dual outlet at any later date fast and easily!
    * Simple and easy bolt-on installation. C2/RS America / Carrera Cup - all models.
    * Fits all cars worldwide.
    * The best sports car sound, performance, fit, and look available
    * No nasty resonance like our competitors.
    * World's best exhaust system
    * Nicest true oval tips on the market.

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