993 MAXFLO Mufflers with Deluxe Tips



    * All 993 Vehicles 1994-1998
    * +14 Hp and a throaty sports car sound, but not too loud for every day driving.
    * Simple to install - Adjustable tips included. Directions included.
    * Super quality sports car sound- pure enjoyment guaranteed. An Industry First! 14 + 16 gauge stainless steel - Fabspeed's competitors use paper thin 20 - 22 gauge materials made like ductwork in your home's HVAC system.
    * Fabspeed mufflers don’t crack, break, or split like our competitors!
    * More power than all the other systems on the market.
    * Ultimate show car shine - mirror polished everywhere.
    * Saves 15Lbs. Fabspeed exhausts are made in the USA . Better quality than mufflers made anywhere in the world.
    * Fabspeed Maxflo mufflers flow as well as straight pipe thereby reducing back pressure for more power.

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