European Pre-Muffler Catbypass Pipes for Porsche 911 1976-1989



    * All 911/911SC/911 Carrera Vehicles 1976-1989
    * Copper gaskets included.
    * +11HP & more Torque
    * High Quality T304 Stainless steel with polished show car mirror shine
    * O2 sensor bung so your 911 fuel injection system can automatically adjust mixture/idle/part throttle for maximum performance.
    * Just like Porsche factory German catbypass Euro-premuffler but without the $900.00 price.
    * LOOKS like a stock catalytic converter--best way to pass a visual exam inspection.
    * Simple and easy Bolt on installation
    * Quieter and more durable than a mild steel straight pipe yet you can still roll a golf ball thru the Fabspeed pipe!
    * Catbypass & Fabspeed sport exhaust makes more horsepower than virtually any aftermarket exhaust system.
    * Best PROVEN performance value on the market.
    * Get the POWER while controlling the sound.

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