Muffler Bypass Pipes for Porsche 911 1976-1989



    * All 911/911SC/911 Carrera Vehicles 1976-1989
    * +14HP Gain & more Torque
    * World's lightest, most powerful exhaust system available on the market
    * Fits all 911 cars worldwide 1975-1989. Complies with 50 state emissions
    * Maximum Power- more than ANY other Muffler/exhaust system.
    * Very aggressive 911 sports car sound.
    * Works with stock catalytic converter or our catbypass Pipe/European style-premuffler
    * Easy on and easy off installation- perfect for weekend Track Events
    * System comes with outlet pipe, clamp (not shown) and slip-on turndown
    * Saves up to 60lbs off the rear end of a 911
    * Eliminates all 911 Rear Mufflers cars worldwide.

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