Porsche Interior Screw Set Black Oxide 928 911 944


No more futile trips to the hardware store for screws you know they don't have anyway.

In addition to many interior panels on the Porsche 911, 944 and 928, this set Includes screws and Unuts used to mount the 928 AC Head Unit, warning panel, seat trim, console, headliner, and glove box
330 Pieces. Black oxide coated.  An assortment of the most popular screws and unuts used on most Porsche 928, 944 and 911 interiors including 10 plastic panel clips used on the headliner and door panels.
Storage case included Porsche Interior Screw Set
20 Each Black Oxide Coated
2.9x6.3 Pan Head
2.9x9.5 Flat Head
2.9x13 Oval Head
2.9x13 Pan Head
2.9x19 Oval Head
2.9x25 Oval Head
3.5x11 Pan Head
3.5x14 Pan Head
3.5x14 Oval Head
3.5x26 Oval Head
4.8x16 Tapping Screw
4.8x20 Tapping Screw
4.8x25 Oval Screw
4.8 U Nut
4.8 Long U Nut
3.5 Counter Sink Washer for 3.5 oval head screws
10 Each Clips for interior panels

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