* Finally, bullet proof Mufflers for B&B headers-- 1974-1994 911 series all models. Finally a super quality alternative muffler for B&B headers that will not break, crack open, and or split. No excuses warranty and no need to ever send muffler back. Will not melt or burn the bumpers on C2, RS America, and 993. Finally a sane alternative that sounds better and makes more power. End your suffering once and forever!
    * Muffler allows engine to make as much power (torque & HP) as with open headers proven on the chassis dyno. Also passes Lime Rock Parks 85DB stringent noise limits. Passes easily with no loss of power and will pass Laguna Seca and any other racetracks too!
    * Sounds great with no lost horsepower and extremely rugged and durable. Quiet enough for street yet strong and durable enough for the track and even the biggest backfires. Handles up to 450Hp with race gas.
    * Muffler has been extensively dyno, street, and race track enduro tested on 911SC, 3.2L and 3.7 Carrera, RS Americas, and 1995 993 and 1995-1997 Supercup 3.8L.
    * If you plan on buying or currently have B&B' Headers then get FABSPEED'S quality durable MAXFLOW muffler! It fits and works together flawlessly. Do yourself a favor!
    * Installation is simple but does require some fabrication to fit.
    * Includes T304SS mounting bracket, band straps, flanges and other parts for a complete doityourself installation.
    * The final solution to B&B and GHL broken muffler madness and your long term happiness.

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