Maxflo Exhaust For 2000-2004 Porsche 986 Boxster



    * Fits all 986 Boxster/S Vehicles 1997-2004 (please specify year)
    * (ALL 1997-1999 Boxsters require sportcats in the inlet pipes which will be included with the Maxflo Muffler)
      Please specify TipTronic or Six Speed Manual
    * +6HP/9ft-lbs tq with Maxflo Mufflers
    * +14HP/15ft-lbs tq with Maxflo Mufflers and Sport Headers
    * Complete super high performance system for all Boxster cars. This is the ONLY unique system available anywhere in the world. Each and every other systems is a MAJOR compromise in power and sound as all stock OEM Porsche and aftermarket Boxster mufflers Boxster use 1.5” rear inlet TUBES for filling the muffler. Therefore they are all limited in flow and power.
    * Fabspeed MAXFLO systems features 2.0” 50.2mm pipes that connect to a dedicated high performance muffler system. Complete Boxster dual outlet muffler with mirror show polished tips.
    * Is lightweight and saves 30 lbs in rear of Boxster.
    * "Cat-back" performance muffler system - no effect on 50 state emissions and OEM warranty.
    * Easy bolt-on installation with perfect fit.
    * 34HP Dyno Developed Tuning Kit Boxster Sport muffler, Boxster Catbypass Pipes, BMC F1 air filter, German DME remapping.

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