Amber Headlight Corner Trims For 97-02 Porsche Boxster


OEM headlight corner trims (Amber)

    A common occurrence for the early model Boxster are the corner trim pieces becoming very brittle from age and weather. The plastic clips wind up breaking and eventually the trim(s) sits loosely or falls off. Restore value and elegance to your Boxster with these replacement parts, should you find your trim pieces have excessive wear or scratches, sits loosely or missing altogether!

     1 Pair OEM Headlight Corner Trims (Amber)

    * Brand New! Pair of Driver & Passenger Side Headlight Corner Trims (Amber)
    * Part # 996 631 035 00 (Left Corner Trim) & 996 631 036 00 (Right Corner Trim)
    * MSRP per Set $194.24
    * Porsche OEM Components, Manufactured by Bosch

      Please note, this listing is for headlight corner trims for vehicles without the headlight washer option.

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