Xenon HID Headlight Bulbs For 02-04 Porsche Boxster


   * Item Condition: Brand New
    * One Pair of H7 Xenon Replacement Headlights Light Bulbs
    * Super White, 12V,
    * This can be the light bulbs for the Low Beam ***check the additional information below***
    * 5000K Color Temperature
    * This pair of halogen bulbs are specially designed to produce the brightest and closest HID style Xenon color possible with standard halogen base light bulb.
    * Give The Looks Of Headlight Just Like The Luxury Cars; Get rid of the yellowish color!!
    * Direct upgrade replacement of stock headlight bulbs
    * Easy Installation (Just plug in and replace stock light bulbs)
    * No Modification needed!!
    * NOTE: The application that shows on the auction title is referring to that vehicle that is equipped with the regular stock headlights (without the projector or HID headlights) ONLY if that is not specified. Therefore, if your vehicle is equipped with the HID or Aftermarket Headlights. the bulbs may be different. Please check your Owner's Manual or Headlights to ensure the correct bulb type. Please email us if you are not sure.

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