Our LEDs are an affordable alternative to expensive neon kits sold elsewhere. Neon tubes can break and be hard to install, but LEDs can be mounted anywhere you can imagine. Our LEDs are a revolution to the custom auto lighting market. They are brighter, draw very little current, and don’t burn out like other light sources. Our products come ready to install on any project. Unlike other sellers, we only sell lighting products. Feel ASSURED you are buying from the best!

POWER? 7V-14V DC Power for operation. Will run on your vehicles power or a 9V battery!

DO I NEED A RESISTOR? No, as stated, these have it built in with 26 gauge wire!

LED DIAMETER? 5mm - You get 20 of them! Don't be fooled by others on ebay selling you 2-4 of these for the same price! This is brightest and best deal!

HOW MANY LEDS DO I GET? 20 - all wired individually! Put one here, put one there!

WORKS IN? Anywhere you can provide 7-14V DC Power! Hood, Trunk, Interior, Exterior!

QUALITY? Hight quality, water tight seal. We don't recommend using in Salt water!

HOW BRIGHT? Very very bright with low power usage. High 10,000 MCD brightness.

WHAT ELSE DO I NEED? Electrical Tape for connection. Extra 24-18 gauge wire for running power to the location of the installation. Soldering gun if you are soldering. Super glue or silicon for mounting. 

HOW TO MOUNT? Epoxy can do wonders in holding these individual LEDs against surfaces. Tape can also do a good job! Drilling a hole and inserting them in hole works as well too! Installation time could be as simple as a few minutes to hours depending on where you are mounting it and what is being removed in your car. Remember, your imagination is the limit.

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