Led Clear 3rd Brake Light For Porsche 986 Boxster/S



Brand New Clear 3rd Brake Light for Porsche 986 Boxster and Boxster S. If you want to add some style to your Porsche this 3rd Brake Light will do the trick , the factory Red 3rd brake Light in my opinion makes it or gives it to much of a regular brake light look, such a small change really makes a nice difference. This 3rd brake light is made up of High Intensity Led Bulbs, it lights up in Red and is really bright when it lights up. The most popular model is the clear version but the smoked is nice as well.

Why change to LED Lights, Led Lights are much brighter, and Led Lights last way longer, Led Lights have no delay they light up immediately, conventional bulbs have a delay, Led Lights are safer to use on the road.

Depending on year of your model a minor modification to the wiring is needed, polarity needs to be reversed on the factory connector, no cutting, just a wiring swap that is done in minutes. Again on some years only, this doesn't apply to all models. Nothing major anyone can do it in minutes.

This is for the Clear Version for the Smoked Version please see our eBay Store.

Full installation Instructions are included.

3-Year Warranty on Led Circuit Board.

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