Pmotorsport Electric Super Charger 2.5 PSI


Want Massive Power?  Our Ultimate Electric Supercharger Gives You Massive Horsepower Increases Without Spending Thousands!

Looking for the most possible power and torque out of your engine? Look no further than our state of the art Electric SuperCharger.  This is the most revolutionary product to come out in a very long time!  If you are looking for MAXIMUM horsepower gains look no further.

The Ultimate Electric Super Charger is 3-in-1 unit that will give your vehicle an increase of 50-75 horsepower.  This device was specially made to fit almost every make and model.   The technology behind the SC-902 is where we stand apart.  Our engineers have been able to create a product that sends over 2psi of forced air into your engine.  This forced air gives you massive horsepower increases by allowing your engine to mix more air and fuel.  This patented technology will give your vehicle unbelievable power.

Many manufacturers like General Motors, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Pontiac, Jaguar, and Lotus use superchargers on their highest performing models to increase horsepower.  You can get the same technology for a fraction of the cost.   Our engineers have spent countless hours developing the SC-902 and they have done the necessary R&D to ensure that this product performs to exacting specifications.  Simply put, you will be amazed by the power your car will have after installing our Ultimate Electric SuperCharger.

Our Ultimate Electric Super Charger combines a cold air intake, a turbo air propeller, and a high power electric motor that blasts forced air into your engine.  This product eliminates the need for purchasing a cold air intake, or a turbo air propeller allowing you to buy one product that combines all of these features.

Not only will this product increase your horsepower, but when cruising on the highway you WILL notice a decrease in fuel consumption!  Our electric supercharger kit includes a turbo air propeller that turns normal air into forced air.  This increases fuel mileage by allowing the engine to run at the highest efficiency and thereby reducing the fuel consumption.

We know you will love our Ultimate Electric SuperCharger!  Included in the box is everything you need to install the product.  In addition, we provide you with a very detailed set of instructions to ensure a seamless installation.

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