Pmotorsport Oxygen Performance Module


The Hyperboost O2 module is precise electronic computer chip that will increase the power of your engine.  The Hyperboost module connects to your vehicle's O2 Sensor and continually monitors the air/fuel ratio to increase peak horsepower.

Couple a Hyperboost power module with our X2 Power Performance Chip for MAXIMUM horsepower gains - anywhere from 50 - 70 horsepower!

The Hyperboost unit takes removes the barriers placed on the ECU by modifying the O2 sensor signal the device modifies the voltage signals of oxygen sensor and allows more fuel to be pumped to the injectors. This, in turn, delivers between 10-20 horsepower plus notable increases in low end torque.  The Oxygen Performance module will tune your vehicle for POWER not emissions - AND it will still allow you to pass emissions testing!


    * Improves engine power by as much as 20 horsepower.
    * Increased throttle response, acceleration and low end torque.
    * Does not trigger check engine light and preserves smog certification.
    * Easy to install- 15-20 minutes installation.
    * Effects are immediate - there is no ECU learning period.
    * Reduces flat spots in power band.
    * Lifetime warranty

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