Pmotorsport X3 Performance Chip with O2 Sensor Control


The X3 performance chip is a revolutionary fully adjustable, programmed performance control unit. It is simply the best performance chip available on the market. The X3 was designed individually for each specific vehicle.   This means that you will receive an X3 unit that is custom-made for your application to deliver the highest output possible.   Our unique X3 chip will increase power by up to 20% or 50 horsepower.

The X3 performance chip is the only one of its kind that automatically adjusts to provide you with maximum horsepower or maximum efficiency depending on the driving conditions.  If you tow a trailer, this product will help you get more power for the on-ramps and more fuel efficiency when you are cruising.  If you are a casual driver, this product will give you a great blend of maximum power and fuel economy when you need it.

If you want the best - only the X3 chip will do!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

How Does the X3 Module Work?

X3 modifies the signals to your vehicle's ECU. X3 adjusts the air/fuel ratio to a perfect balance and then adjusts the secondarily timing curves to new performance settings.  In addition, our X3 units have an Oxygen Sensor control circuit integrated so that it can automatically control the power output you are looking for!

 Benefits of the X3 Module

          o Increases engine output up to 20%.
          o Enhances horsepower, throttle response, acceleration and torque.
          o Provides up to a 15% increase in fuel economy.
          o Performance level setting from 0 - 100 %.
          o Automatically adjusts to provide you with maximum horsepower or maximum efficiency.
          o INTEGRATED O2 - OXYGEN SENSOR SIGNAL CONTROL to squeeze the maximum amount of power out of your engine.
          o Easy universal 20 minutes installation.
          o Immediate effects on engine performance.
          o Reduces flat spots or delay time under full throttle.
          o Improves throttle response and total engine responsiveness.
          o Engine durability will not be affected at all.


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