(4) Headlight Bulbs Xenon Halogen for 06-08 Porsche Cayman


This item contains the headlights shown above and are specially designed to fit the following vehicle:

    * Part Positions: Headlight
    * Vehicle Model: Porsche Cayman w/Composite
    * Vehicle Years: 2006 2007

Listing contents and part information:
Part  Quantity Location Replaces  Color  Size  Base  Voltage Power
002000027 2 Headlight H7 Ultra Single Beam   PX26d 12V 55W
002000030 2 Headlight H9 Ultra Single Beam   PGJ19-5 12V 65W

Sixity's line of high-performance fog and headlight bulbs deliver the ultimate in Driving Performance.  Designed for Automotive, Motorcycle and ATV applications, these high-intensity quartz and fused silica tungsten-halogen bulbs generate 30-50% more useable light than standard incandescent bulbs.  Operating at the maximum input power allowed by US D.O.T. regulations, they are available in three specialized spectral-shaping optical designs for highway, highway/track and off-road applications.

Ultra/Ultra II* - An intense, broad-spectrum white headlight bulb utilizing a unique opalescent spectral-shaping envelope to produce an HID-blue/violet overtone.  Ultra produces the highest light output per watt in our line of high-performance bulbs, making it the perfect choice for rural/mountain roads and high-speed highway applications where maximum visibility is critical.

Premium - An intense, cool-white mid-spectrum headlight bulb with an operating color temperature of 4000K.  This bulb provides an optimal balance of lumen output and “pure white” color performance without the yellow tint of standard bulbs.  This is a great choice for everyday driving or show/track use.

Fog - A bright, long-wavelength yellow spectrum bulb.  This bulb reduces the glare and back-scatter associated with short-wavelength (blue) light to provide maximum visibility in snowy, rainy or foggy conditions.  This is the right choice for dedicated fog-lights in highway or off-road/trail applications.

All of Sixity's performance fog and headlight bulbs feature advanced materials, design specifications and manufacturing technology, including:

    * High output tungsten-halogen technology - Increasing light output by up to 50% over conventional incandescent bulbs, while reducing the re-deposition that cause loss of light output over time.
    * Specialized spectral-shaping fused silica and quartz optical envelopes.
    * Rugged filaments with secondary supports for maximum vibration resistance.
    * Standard 12V D.C. automotive power system compatibility.
    * High-temperature silicone rubber gaskets and 0-ring seals to reduce lens/reflector contamination from dust, dirt and moisture.
    * High durability welded stainless-steel and impact-resistant polymer construction.
    * Available Single or Dual-Beam lamps in all popular bulb/base styles (H1, H2, H3, H4-9003, H7, H8, H9, H10-9145, H12, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007 and H13-9008).

(Ultra II* - The high-power version of our Ultra broad-spectrum white headlight bulb. With a full 100W input power, this bulb exceeds D.O.T. ratings for public highway use, and is sold only for off-road, sport or track use; currently available only as the H4-9003.)

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